Anaconda Python Bash Functions

Conda Env Management

I use conda for all of my Python projects. Because I'm so often making a project directory, then making a conda environment with the same name, I've created the following code to ease the process.

# Create a conda environment with the same name as the current dir
# Example: conda_create_pwd flask Flask-WTF
conda_create_pwd() {
    conda create --name "$(basename $(pwd))" python=3 "$@"
# take advantage of the fact that the conda env is the same
# as the current dir most of the time
alias source_activate_pwd='source activate $(basename $(pwd))'

For many projects, I like to have a run script with the following code to automatically activate the environment


# exit the script on command errors or unset variables
set -euo pipefail

readonly script_dir="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" && pwd )"
cd "${script_dir}"

env_name="$(basename $(pwd))"

set +eu
if [[ "${CONDA_DEFAULT_ENV}" != "${env_name}" ]]; then
    # shellcheck disable=SC1091
    source activate "${env_name}"
set -eu

# actual application code here, now that I'm in the correct dir
# with the correct python

Anaconda Python Management

On Mac, I use brew to manage package installation. brew expects Python version 2, so I put the following code in my Bash initialization files to easily switch between versions.

# Making anaconda functional so I can rm it when homebrew whines
add_anaconda() {
    if [[ "$PATH" != *"${anaconda_bin_dir}"* ]]; then
        export PATH="${anaconda_bin_dir}:$PATH"

# add it by default
rm_anaconda() {
    export PATH=$(echo $PATH | sed 's|'"${anaconda_bin_dir}:"'||g')