App Launcher Showdown


I currently use Spotlight search to open apps. Clifford suggested I use RayCast. I really just want something


  • Settings that are easily version controllable
  • launch apps
  • run ticket_typora from a search bar instead of launching a terminal
    • It would be nice if the args for this had frecency stuff
  • grep my notes from a search bar
  • go links support
  • glean search
  • find operating system settings

Ideas I might want

  • Clipboard history?
  • chatgpt chat?
  • Calculator
  • Browser Bookmark search

Nice to haves

  • cross platform
  • open source - almost a requirement - I will be using this app daily and putting a lot of work extending it
  • efficient?


Alfred - MAYBE

  • macOS only
  • not open source
  • 59 lbs for free lifetime upgrades

HammerSpoon - NO

  • macOS only
  • I'd have to build a launcher on top...

Loungy - NO

  • MacOS only
  • not ready for production yet

QuickSilver - MAYBE

  • Open source
  • mac specific
  • hard to version control scripts -
  • looks like you can run commands: ,

Raycast - MAYBE

  • MacOS only
  • monthly pricing for non-free version
  • uses AI features?
  • Recommended by Clifford

Sol - NO

  • macOS only
  • open source
  • Doesn't look like you can write plugins for it

The repo looks odd like the author doesn't care about repo hygiene


Spotlight Search - NO

  • MacOS

ueli - TRYING

  • open source
  • cross platform
  • Electron
  • doesn't seem to have custom plugins, but can run scripts.
  • Linux support coming

Can't search Firefox bookmarks?


Can't choose Wezterm for shell:


Trying to do ticket_typora makes me wish for my shell's frecency stuff


  • cross platform
  • looks promising
  • no homebrew installation