Copy URL as Rich Text

Last time I tried the MS Edge browser, I really liked the "copy URL from the address bar and get a rich text link containing the title and URL" feature. In contrast, copying the URL from the address bar in Firefox only gives you the URL text.

I ended up sticking with Firefox, but I copy links all the time into notes and documents, so getting good looking links to things is important to me. I found a bookmarklet that, when clicked, copies a markdown link, but the link is not rich text, and I didn't want to take the time trying to enable rich text links.

Luckily, Simon Willison wrote how to do this, and I was able to easily use his function in my own bookmarklet.

So, without further ado, here's the bookmarklet I'm now using to copy the titla and the URL from a page. I've got it saved in my bookmarks bar, so I just click it and happily paste elsewhere.

javascript:(function() {

    function copyRichText(html) {
        const htmlContent = html;
        /* Create a temporary element to hold the HTML content */
        const tempElement = document.createElement("div");
        tempElement.innerHTML = htmlContent;
        /* Select the HTML content */
        const range = document.createRange();
        /* Copy the selected HTML content to the clipboard */
        const selection = window.getSelection();

var link = `<a href="${window.location.href}">${document.title}</a>`;