MySQL To File

How To Use a MySQL command on the BASH command line

If you want to print the output from the SQL commands in one file to another, use:

mysql -u <username> --password='<password>' <database_name> -vvv < <path/to/file_with_commands> > <path/to/output_file>

The -vvv is the verboseness of the command and is optional, the < is a redirection from a file, and the > redirects from stdout to another file.

For example:

mysql -u bkane --password='im_totes_secure' books_db -vvv < ./work.mysql > ./output.txt

prints the commands in work.mysql to output.txt. If you just want the output to the terminal, leave off the > <path/to/output_file>.

This is the easiest way. Note that using the bare password on the command line is insecure. You probably shouldn't use this at work.

If you're only want to see one command, it's probably easier to use process substitution:

mysql -u bkane --password='im_totes_secure' books_db -vvv < <( echo 'SELECT * FROM books') > ./output.txt