SQLite3 Snippets

~/.sqliterc customizations

The default sqlite3 shell can read from a dotfile! Here are some nice customizations for it

This file can reloaded into the shell with the command .read <filename>. This .read command is also useful for reading sql scripts.

Simple table example

Cause I forget the syntax every once in a while :)

DROP TABLE my_table;

    my_variable INT,
    my_other VARCHAR(20)

INSERT INTO my_table VALUES (1, 'one');
INSERT INTO my_table VALUES (2, 'two');

SELECT * FROM my_table;

Find duplicate columns in a table

I want to write somewhere an easy inner join to find records with duplicate columns.

SELECT mt1.name 
    my_table AS mt1
    JOIN my_table as mt2 ON mt1.name = mt2.name AND mt1.id != mt2.id

See contents of a table

From StackOverflow:

PRAGMA table_info([tablename]);